Local SEO in 2023: How to Dominate the Local Search Landscape

August 31, 2023

Local SEO is one of the greatest digital marketing strategies for businesses hoping to attract nearby customers looking for their products and services. As we approach 2023, the need to optimize your local search presence will only grow. In this post, we’ll go through the specific local search factors that Google and other search engines value most in-depth and talk about how focusing your efforts on each factor might offer you an advantage over the competition in local search results in the upcoming year. We’ll cover topics including creating unique service pages, online directories, and citations, Google Business Profile, tracking and measuring local SEO success, and the continued importance of title and description tags. In the end, you’ll have a useful road map to help your local SEO. In 2023, let’s begin investigating the local search landscape!

What is Local SEO?

Local SEO refers to search engine optimization strategies designed specifically for businesses that serve regional customers or target consumers in the neighborhood. Local SEO tries to help local businesses rank better on search engines like Google for location-based searches, searches including popular local search phrases, and searches using keywords related to the company’s services or products. The company website or store may attract more customers by making sure that the company listings, citations, information, and reviews are optimized to match the needs of local customers looking for relevant items or services nearby. Local SEO may boost a business’s local visibility and trustworthiness if done properly.

Impact of Local Search On Businesses

Local search can have a big impact on businesses as more customers are turning to search engines to find products and services closest to their location. Studies show over 60% of local searches by users result in an offline purchase within a day. With half of all local searches now being done on a mobile device, businesses need to ensure they dominate local pack listings and maps as most customers expect immediate information on business contact details, directions, opening times, etc. from their phones. Getting local search right can drive more footfalls into stores as over 89% of local searches have a purchase intent. Prioritizing local SEO makes a business easily discoverable to customers looking for them locally.

How to Dominate the Local Search Landscape?

Dominating the local search landscape in 2023 requires a strategic local SEO approach focusing on both online and offline optimization efforts. Following are the top local SEO tactics that can help businesses stand out amongst local competition-

Title and description tags still matter

Despite the evolving nature of local search, ensuring your website pages are optimized with descriptive title tags and meta descriptions remains a local SEO essential. Title tags should include focused location + business name + service/product targeted keywords. Google pulls the initial snippet shown in search results directly from the meta description, so it must persuasively highlight what makes your business distinct. Take time to craft titles and descriptions that communicate your unique value proposition and location to users searching locally on mobile. Proper tags can boost clicks by addressing searcher intent and establishing relevance and trustworthiness right in the search results.

Google Business Profile: Claim and optimize

Having an accurate and complete Google Business Profile is essential for local SEO success. Start by claiming your business listing and verifying ownership via postcard or phone. Then optimize the listing by adding high-quality photos, and operational details like address, phone number, and website. You can also feature products/services, business hours, and payment options. Encourage customers to leave reviews and responses. Monitor and claim competitor listings too. Regularly updating your Google Business Profile with fresh content keeps your business engaged and moves it up in local search rankings and visibility in Google Maps. An optimized profile builds credibility and trust.

Online reviews matter

In the highly competitive local landscape, online reviews have become a critical factor for businesses to dominate local search results. Approximately 97% of consumers read reviews online before choosing a local business. Google and other search engines place significant importance on review indicators like rating, number of reviews, and freshness of content. Make it easy for customers to leave reviews on Google, Facebook, and third-party sites like Yelp and TripAdvisor. Monitor for both positive and negative feedback and respond professionally. Thanking reviewers and addressing concerns builds trust. Over time, an extensive collection of 5-star reviews boosts local search rankings tremendously.

Build out separate service pages

If your business offers multiple products or services, create focused inner pages for each offering to target relevant long-tail keywords. Optimize these service pages with descriptions highlighting the benefits of each service, qualifications needed, average costs involved, etc. Images and videos help illustrate what sets your services apart. Link internally between service pages as backlinks strengthen their authority. Promote your service pages on social sites. Analyze traffic to determine popular services and refine niche service content further. Separate optimized landing pages for each service will expand your rankings footprint beyond the homepage in local search results.

Online directories and citations

Maintaining accurate business listings across top directories like Google Maps, Apple Maps, Bing Places, Foursquare, Yahoo Local and industry portals boost a business’s local search visibility. Claim, verify ownership, and optimize listings with complete details, HD photos, and reviews. Consistency across name, address, and phone number is key. Monitor for outdated or incorrect listings and keep information synchronized bi-annually. Pay attention to bigger regional or national directories as well. Over time, as citations accumulate from authoritative sources, they strengthen search signals, help future-proof against algorithm changes, and raise local search rankings noticeably. Consistent directory management remains a core local SEO activity.

Tracking and Measuring Local SEO Success

Tracking your local SEO efforts and measuring success is essential for improving your strategy and boosting results over time. You’ll want to monitor key metrics like local citations, Google My Business insights, website traffic from local searches, and location-based calls and directions. Tools like Google Search Console, Analytics, and customer relationship management systems can provide valuable data. Be sure to benchmark metrics up front so you have a baseline for comparison. Analyze seasonal and competitor trends as well. Most importantly, find ways to directly tie your SEO efforts to real-world actions and offline conversions from local customers. With the right monitoring, you’ll know exactly what’s working and what needs more focus.


The local search landscape is constantly evolving as new technologies and consumer behaviors emerge. But some things remain constant – businesses still need to build visibility in their communities and attract customers seeking local products and services. By focusing on key areas mentioned in this blog, companies can stay ahead of changes in the local SEO space. Remember that local search is also about connections – connecting with customers, community organizations, and local influencers face-to-face whenever possible. Those real-world relationships will continue fueling organic growth for years to come. While algorithms and tactics may change, the core value of serving local customers well will always drive success in local SEO businesses that keep optimizing for the customer experience both online and offline can dominate the local search landscape in 2023 and beyond.

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